Tigo Ghana trains young university students

A project launched by Tigo Ghana highlights an increasingly widespread trend: the world of telecommunications is opening to young university students. An experience similar to one that VueTel Italia is pushing forward in Italy with “Campus TLC”, in cooperation with “La Sapienza” University of Rome.

Training and guidance in the world of TLC

Tigo Ghana, one of the main telephone operators in the African country, has launched a new professional training and guidance project for young university students. The company will give the opportunity to 30 young people selected to do a three-month internship within its establishment. This will help young people to gain “first hand experience” of the daily activity of a business operating in the telecommunications industry, and a chance to learn about the industry and enhance their theoretical knowledge with solid practical skills.

“The initiative is designed to give students the opportunity to explore the world of work”, explained Elizabeth Arhin, Human Resources Manager at Tigo Ghana, “and the programme is structured on the basis of their interests”. The idea was met with enthusiasm and over 300 young people have applied to participate.

Campus TLC: VueTel Italia’s commitment to young people

A similar project to that of Tigo Ghana was also launched in recent months by VueTel Italia. It’s called the Campus TLC and also involves the cooperation of the Faculty of Economy of “La Sapienza” University of Rome, one of Italy’s most important universities. The students were offered a training and educational day dedicated to the world of telecommunications. The participants in the event were also given the opportunity to apply for a work placement in the company that will start in the coming months.

This is confirmation of VueTel Italia’s decision to focus on the young professionals of the future, pursuing its policy of promoting talent through structured and professional training programmes.

VueTel Italia will attend MTX in Rome

Taking place in Italy in the heart of the capital, the first edition of the MTX – Mediterranean Telecom Exchange, is an event dedicated to the major players of the international wholesale telecommunications industry. A great opportunity for both business and networking. VueTel Italia will be among those participating and will work to expand its network and promote its offers.

From international wholesale to focusing on the Mediterranean

Taking place in Rome in July, the first edition of the MTX – Mediterranean Telecom Exchange, is a big event dedicated to the major players of the international wholesale telecommunications industry. A key event involving the entire industry whose business is concentrated specifically on the opportunities offered by the Mediterranean market, with special attention and awareness given to the emerging African countries.

A great business and networking opportunity

Through numerous exhibition stands, round tables, meetings and conferences, MTX will be, above all, an opportunity for exchange, debate and networking for all of the key players of the industry’s largest companies. But it will also be an excellent business opportunity, prestigiously showcasing the most innovative services and products in the field of Telecommunications.

VueTel Italia will be there

An event that VueTel Italia does not want to miss. The company, which is in fact the market leader of the international wholesale voice and data services, continues to strengthen its presence in countries representing its core business, i.e. countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Mediterranean basin, including Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso, Angola and Niger.

The Group has simultaneously continued to expand its offer including outside these borders, essentially managing to cover the entire African continent and also setting its sights overseas. By the end of this year, in fact, it will have a permanent operation in its US headquarters established in New York. This makes VueTel Italia a solid partner, increasingly valued in the world of international telecommunications.

VuBlog interview with Francesco Costantini, Voice Sales Manager at VueTel Italia

Francesco Costantini is one of the young professionals who make up VueTel Italia’s top management. He holds the position of Voice Sales Manager within the company, coordinating the sales department for the voice segment, one of the Company’s core businesses, and works tirelessly to offer clients solutions that combine quality connections and affordable prices. In this exclusive interview with VuBlog, he focuses on the importance of a synergistic relationship between the sales, technical and marketing departments within a telecommunications company.

Broadband fights poverty and inequality

Broadband is a transmission system that ensures better access to global data networks and permits managing data exchange in a more extensive and faster way. It is a driving force for the competitive growth of a country, both in terms of technological development and new jobs.

Still a long way to go

In Italy, the road towards the development of broadband access is still long. To date, according to data published by Ernest & Young, optical fibre only reaches 14% of Italian municipalities with the biggest percentage in the Campania region (40%) and the lowest in the Abruzzo region, with only 2% of towns and cities covered. Our country then is still far from joining the 5 most “broadband ready” group which, according to The Media Institute is made up of the United States, South Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom and France.

Broadband and social challenges in Africa

Globally, it is interesting to note that broadband access is increasingly a major tool for overcoming poverty and social inequality. At the moment the countries with the highest percentage of individuals with broadband access in relation to the total population are mainly European, while Asia is mobile-access leader.

Africa’s future also travels on broadband, a decisive factor for economic take-off and the digitization of the continent. Nigeria ranks highest among the countries investing in broadband access, recently followed by Rwanda and Tunisia. The development of broadband access in these countries is not accidental. In fact, these three countries have a high propensity for development in the service sector, banking, information technology and logistics system, telecommunications and international transport. Such areas require advanced communication systems and a large access network available in major towns and cities such as Lagos, Kigali and Tunis.

VueTel Italia at the International Telecoms Week

VueTel Italia will attend at this year’s International Telecoms Week, which will be held in Chicago from the 8th to the 11th May. The Company confirms its presence in one of the most important industry events dedicated to the wholesale telecommunications; a crucial opportunity to raise awareness of the brand and to forge trade relations.

The wholesale telecommunications meeting

For the wholesale telecommunications industry, the International Telecoms Week in Chicago is a key event known for its large turnout and the variety of issues discussed. VueTel Italia has chosen to attend this event, and aims to raise awareness of its brand and forge new trade partnerships, with a view to continuous business development.

The work of this ninth edition of the ITW will be opened by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, and will give special attention to Africa, dedicating two panels to it: one which is focused on the growth of data traffic, and another focused on the theme of the data centres, particularly the need to develop neutral data centres.  In terms of infrastructure, however, a meeting will be dedicated to the submarine communications cable, Sea-Me-We 5, which will be commissioned in the second half of 2016 and will link South-East Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Finally, the meeting will also host the second edition of “Advancing Women in Telco”, a meeting dedicated to the growing managerial role of women in telecommunications companies.

The numbers for International Telecoms Week

The 2015 edition recorded over 6,300 managers and professionals participating, representing approximately 1,900 companies from 148 different countries. A success that the organisation aims to replicate this year. In addition to the broad programme of specialised panels, the ITW offers companies attending a large dedicated area with over 120 exhibitors, over 400 meeting rooms and the same number of tables for bilateral meetings.

VuBlog interview with Emanuela Bevilacqua, CTO Voice at VueTel Italia

Emanuela Bevilacqua had the responsibility and the honour of being the first recruit at VueTel Italia. Since then the Company has grown significantly along with its “young talent”. Emanuela is now CTO Voice and now manages the entire sector relating to the network infrastructure, but her role also provides internal support to colleagues in the sales department for the interconnection phase which takes place with partners in Europe, Africa and the rest of the world. An extremely important responsibility which requires not only technical expertise but increasingly more managerial expertise. The exclusive interview for VuBlog.


VueTel Italia grows thanks to the talent of its professionals

VueTel Italia invests in young graduates

The field of international telecommunications services is highly competitive and requires the continuous development of skills, tools and processes of analysis and management of data as well as the ability to compete in a multicultural and multilingual environment. The qualities that people must have to succeed in this sector are above all courage and the will to operate in a highly dynamic and constantly evolving context.  For these reasons, VueTel Italia has chosen to invest in new young graduates, both in Italy and abroad. From 2012 to today, the number of employees has tripled, with a growth in the last year of 31.8% compared to the previous year. In addition, in 2016, a further and significant increase in the number of personnel is envisaged. Young people are selected based on their ability to work in a team and to organize their own activities. The multinational profile of the company requires not only appropriate language skills  (excellent English plus another language), but also the willingness to work abroad.

Selection and training

The selection of personnel is a critical moment for the company and is followed by constant training, mostly on-the-job. Two types of training are provided: both new recruits and employees who move from another department are ensured proper training and staff who have been chosen for career advancement are provided with professional updating and upgrading, which will be different for employees who remain within the same department and those who, on the contrary, change fields. VueTel Italia has introduced for the second quarter of 2016 new multimedia classrooms, which will involve both the high level managers of the company and qualified international professionals in teaching roles. We have set two objectives: to offer professional updating of a technical type and to create a path of development for managerial skills and competencies.

Campus TLC, a digital bridge between young people and work

VueTel Italia is launching Campus TLC, a project aimed at young university students. The purpose of the project is to bring them closer to the telecommunications sector and the professional opportunities that it offers. The online platform has a wealth of information including news, events, advice for job hunting and successful case studies.

Campus TLC: university, training, work and sport

The Campus TLC project is composed of four areas, which are each represented by a section on the website: university, professional training, work and sport. These four key words represent each student’s present and future, and demonstrate the commitment that VueTel Italia wants to make to the students. This corporate social responsibility programme fits perfectly with the company’s values. Ever since its founding, it has chosen to focus on young talented professionals, who are supported through international training courses and career paths.

University is one of the best places for companies and future professionals to meet. Colleges and companies must have as much dialogue as possible in order to connect young people with the world of work. In order to achieve this, VueTel Italia has decided to engage with universities, promoting orientation events and seminars. There is not much awareness about the telecommunications sector in terms of employment. However, as a growing industry it offers great opportunities. On the Campus TLC website sections devoted to training and work, students can find in-depth news, advice and updates about job hunting and work opportunities (at VueTel Italia and elsewhere).

Finally, the metaphor of the sport section is intended to convey the values that are useful in the professional sphere: perseverance, loyalty, a sense of responsibility, the ability to deal with difficulties and teamwork. VueTel Italia has decided to highlight the pairing between work and sport by supporting the CUS Roma Rugby project, as a partner of the Senior squad and jersey sponsor of the Under 18s squad.

The first event is on 21 April at La Sapienza University

The first training event of the Campus TLC project will be held on the 5th of May at the Faculty of Economics of the La Sapienza University of Rome, with which the company is partnering. Participants will be able to talk directly with the management of VueTel Italia, and some of them will also be offered the opportunity to do a work placement at the company, organised as a serious professional training course.

VueTel Italia at Capacity Middle East

VueTel Italia will participate at the 11th edition of Capacity Middle East, a Capacity Conferences event dedicated to the Middle East market. The appointment, to be held from the 1st to the 3rd of March, is an ideal opportunity for networking and establishing partnerships in a strategic area.

Telecommunications look to the Middle East

The countries of the Middle East, together with Africa, make up one of the geographical areas of greatest interest to telecommunications companies. What makes them interesting is their potential for growth, given that the markets are a long way from saturation point. They are also strategically placed, constituting an effective bridge between Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia. It is no accident that some of the most important submarine cables for data traffic from all over the world pass through the nearby Arabian Peninsula. For this reason Capacity Middle East is now a key event within the international framework of the telecommunications market, which everyone is watching carefully.

Appointment in Dubai

The 11th  edition of the meeting is scheduled be held in Dubai from the 1st to the 3rd of March 2016, and it will be expected the participation of more than 1,400 senior level executives representing more than 430 companies from 85 different countries. The agenda of the event will focus on the “gateway” role that the Middle East plays between the East and the West of the world. About the panels that will take place during the event, the one scheduled for the opening (1st of March, at 11:00) dedicated to the development of the telecommunications wholesale market in the Arabian Peninsula is the most interesting. There will also be an overall analysis of trends in the sector, in particular on the implementation of new technological solutions. For example, one of the meetings planned will be dedicated to the 5G network. All the major telecommunications operators are working to realize this network on a large scale and in close synergy with the main countries of the region.